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HTC EVO Shift 4g almost available

The HTC EVO Shift 4g became available for pre-order but is gone now. Though the phone has not been officially announced, the preview on Amazon shows that the Shift is coming (there are even EVO Shift 4g cases available). The Successor to the HTC EVO makes some radical changes including adding a slide out keyboard and a smaller screen. The Shift version still uses Sprint’s WiMax network so it should have very fast internet connectivity. HTC seems to be taking a very different tack with the Shift versus its predecessor by adding a keyboard and shrinking the screen. Also underneath the hood the CPU is now clocked at 800 mhz versus 1ghz. It seems that HTC is acknowledging that the original EVO, though very popular, went too far to one extreme. The phone was also hampered by poor battery life which limited its popularity. With a smaller screen and a newer, slower CPU this may fix the primary complaint about the phone.

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