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Galaxy Tab takes the stage to go head to head against the iPad

Word has leaked that T-mobile will be selling the long anticipated Galaxy for $399 with a 2 year contract, the comparison with the iPad is truly starting to heat up. You can also get the Tab for $649 without a contract. That compares with the iPad 3G starting at $629 for the 16 GB model. Most people would say that the Galaxy Tab with the smaller screen (7 inches) versus the iPad’s larger 9.7 inch and lower battery life does not compare well. However, if you are interested in Flash, a front/rear cameras and memory expansion, the Tab is a worthy contender. With the unlocked Galaxy Tab, you have the option to use a pre-paid data carrier. If you use the iPad you will be charged $15 or $25 dollars every month you use the data plan. But with a plan like the one Walmart just announced, you can pay $40 for 1 GB of data which never expire. So if you use less than 200 megs of data per month the Walmart plan (which uses T-mobile) would cost you only $40 for 5 months. But the iPad and AT&T would cost $70 for those same 5 months. The $20 price difference between the Galaxy Tab and Apple iPad does not look so bad.

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