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The Google Blacklist

One of the funny things about Google instant is that there are certain words that it won’t search on unless you press enter. These are words Google obviously thinks is offensive or somehow objectionable. The folks ate 2600.com have collected a list. The obvious 7 censored words are on the list as well as almost any pornographic terms. But there are some really strange ones:

  • hedop (HEDOP stands for Hanford Environmental Dose Overview Panel )
  • hairy (hmm)
  • vivid (There is a Vivid Video an er*tic studio- I guess they ruined the word for everyone else)
  • Dick Armey (The guy is a former US house of representative majority leader)

The list is pretty enlightening and you can see the whole thing here. But one thing that worrying is that the list is very much centered on American mores. What must the world think of our version of free speech?

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