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Is RIM’s future the Blackberry Curve 9330?

The Blackberry Curve 9330 is a small solidly built blackberry phone that RIM just introduced. The Curve has just enough CPU, memory, will run OS 6 and can take advantage of 3G networks. The 9330 does not have a touch screen, much multimedia capabilities or a large screen. Sprint and Verizon are selling this phone for $30 with a two year contract which should make it a big seller. You can get all of the basic Blackberry functions for almost free. Many people will point out that most phone buyers would be willing to pay $70 more for a lot more features. That is true, but most Blackberries are sold to corporations not individuals. Corporate buyers just want corporate email or texting for their employees. Indeed the less features the phone has, the better. In addition, if you have to buy hundreds of smart phones, the $70 difference between the Curve 9330 and the next step up phone can add up. If the Curve 9330 does take off and the Blackberry brand continues to decline, it may relegate RIM to the low end of the smart phone market. Unlike other makers, RIM also makes money from smart phone usage because their handsets are tied to the RIM servers. Thsi may be their fall back plan if the new Blackberry playbook fails. But it would be a sad place to teh Blackberry brand to end up.

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