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Smart Phone apps are not important to most owners

A new study from the Pew research foundation shows that most people are not interested in smart phone capabilities. This study found that for many people, the most important features of cell phone besides make calls are to take pictures and send text messages. Only about 38% of the respondents cared about the internet, followed by emailing, playing a game, emailing, playing music, IMing and finally using Apps which only was important to 29% of the respondents. One way to read this is that smart phones are really not that important to most cell phone users and that they will always remain a niche market for gadget lovers. This would eventually limit Android’s amazing growth. On the other hand, 10 years ago, you could not even take a picture with your cell phone and no-one had knew what texting was. Now they are required functions for cell. Apps have really been out on the marketplace for only 2 years and yet almost 1/3 of all cell phone users consider them important features. A few years from now, a phone may not be worth getting unless it is a smart phone. You can read the complete report here


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