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Drive Safer with a Wireless Speakerphone

Driving and talking on the cell phone can be dangerous and illegal in some states. But we all do it. This facts have been the primary fuel behind the growth of Bluetooth headsets. But as many people have found, even the best Bluetooth headset can be inconvenient and a hassle to carry around. If spend your day in the car especially for work or have a car full of kids, you do not want to mess with a headset. Many people have found that a Bluetooth car speakerphone can be a great driving solution. These devices used to be terrible. They picked up too much car noise and were not loud enough to here the caller on the other end. Fortunately, the technology has seemed to turn the corner and the most popular speakerphones are actually pretty good. Many have very effective noise canceling technology and some even have special features for working with smart phones like name lookup. Here are some of the most popular wireless Bluetooth speakerphones currently available.

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