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Is the Blackerry Torch the best you have RIM?

There was a time when BlackBerry was synonymous with  smartphone in the United States. It is still the leading smart phone provider in the US and the number two worldwide. But in the last few years Apple and Google have entered the market and become major competitors. Though RIM still makes the plurality of handset sold, but the market momentum is clearly behind the iPhone and Android. On Tuesday, RIM introduced their newest smartphone, the BlackBerry Torch 9800. Is this the phone to lift RIM to the next level? The torch is the first BlackBerry phone with a slide out keyboard and it throws in a capacitive touch screen for good measure The hardware specs include:

  • 3.2” HVGA+ touch screen (480×360)
  • Full Slide out QWERTY keyboard
  • 802.11 b/g/n
  • built in GPS
  • 4 GB built in memory + 4 GB media card included
  • 624MHz CPU
  • 1300mAh battery

The Torch is also the first phone is the first phone to run the BlackBerry os 6. The new os was shown off with:

  • Faster/better web browser
  • Synching of multimedia through WiFi
  • Much improved look and feel that really does seem more user friendly
  • New social media tools
  • A universal phone search

 All these look good to BlackBerry owners and RIM should sell a lot of Torch 9800 and accessories. But will the new standard bearer for the BlackBerry brand win new converts? The hardware is lackluster compared to its competitors. The 624 MHz CPU is clearly lagging in some of the demos and hands on. This compares poorly with smart phones regularly clocking in with 1 GHz CPU. The screen resolution is paltry compared to the iPhone 4 which has 3.5 times more pixels. Finally the 1300 mAh battery is rated to last for only 5.5 hours of talk time which is about low to average compared to other smart phones. There was a time that the BlackBerrys were known for their marathon battery life. In addition, the BlackBerry os 6 does not break new ground except for the multimedia synching. Even worse, RIM has not addressed the main issue of a dearth of BlackBerrry apps compared to Apple or Google’s market places.


All of these make one wonder where BlackBerry is headed. The Torch only has one new feature that someone else does not already have. Even the multimedia syncing did not target BlackBerry’s target audience. Unless something drastic happens, RIM may not be the leading smart phone vendor next year or even six months from now.

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